Vancouver, BC, Canada

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About BaCloud

BaCloud offers data storage and cloud services with servers located in Europe and USA. Domain and web hosting is also available. Click here for more information.

Bacloud operating it’s own data center since 2005. The main data center facilities are located in Europe, Lithuania. Company is located inside former TV factory territory. It is ideal location for facilities, due to perfect communications access, separate factory territory and high availability of high capacity of electricity. Those are one of the most important things to run successful data center and high availability services.

Data center construction – Server facilities, network and electricity rooms are safely separated from one another. Fiber lines are installed and reaches the building from different sides of the city in order to ensure an uninterrupted supply of the Internet connection. Reliable APC electricity backup solution and American CAT (Caterpillar) diesel generators are installed to avoid electrical disruptions.

In order to maintain stable temperature in the server rooms we are using innovative ventilation system which is duplicated using air conditioners. In the winter months heat from server rooms is used to warm our offices. For possible jumps in temperature, data center is monitored 24/7. Territory is monitored by security guard and wide network of security cameras.  Our data center guarantees up time of 99.97% and meets standards of TIER3.

By the end of 2018 we launched a new location for BaCloud clients in Chicago, USA. Offering Linux and Windows VPS and later – hosting services for our USA clients. We have full control of our data center, and that way we control the whole process of service delivery and up-time.

Our experience and knowledge allows us to maximizing and process the quality of our services in a fast and affiance way.